Simple Fluffy Slime

Simple Fluffy Slime!

Hey Everyone and welcome back to the lab.

In this beginner slime video we show a quick way to make a basic slime using white Elmer’s school glue, foam shaving cream, and contact lens solution. That’s all you need!!

This slime is so much fun to play with and has a really awesome texture. We just can’t stop playing with this fun fluffy slime. You can mix in food colorant or craft materials such as beads, glitter, flakes, and more to make a fun sensory experience.

★☆★ Simple Fluffy Slime Recipe ★☆★

1 – 4 ounce bottle of Elmer’s school glue
1 cup – Foam shaving cream (don’t use Gel kind)
1/4 cup – Contact lens solution (activator)



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