DIY Glitter Fluffy Slime

How To Make Super Glitter Fluffy Slime With Trolls Doll Unboxing!

Hey Everyone and welcome back to the lab.

In this video we tried a new fluffy slime recipe using white Elmer’s school glue, shaving cream, glitter, and liquid starch. This slime is so much fun to play with and has a really awesome texture. We just can’t stop playing with this fun slime.

Here’s what you need to make fluffy slime:
1 – 4 ounce bottle of Elmer’s School Glue
Foam Shaving Cream (don’t use Gel kind)
1/4 cup of Sta-Flo liquid starch (add little by little)
Food coloring

Add the school glue to a mixing bowl and stir in food coloring and glitter until you get the right color mixture. Add the shaving cream (about the same amount of glue but it doesn’t need to be exact). Mix everything together. Then slowly add the liquid starch and mix. The slime will start to form. Don’t add too much of the Sta-Flo. Knead the slime together with your hands. It will become less sticky and there you have it!! Fun DIY glitter and fluffy slime!!!!

That’s it!!



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